How long are therapy sessions?

We offer 45-minute individual sessions and 60-minute couples and family therapy sessions. We recommend clients attend sessions a minimum of once a week. Depending on the nature of a client’s needs, meeting twice a week is a possibility.

Can I use insurance?

We do not accept insurance directly and are not in-network with any insurance plan. Our clients pay their full fee and are reimbursed directly by their insurance company. We provide receipts with information for insurance companies. Clients either send receipts directly to their insurance or use Reimbursify (phone app which handles the reimbursement process). If your insurance plan does not have any out-of-network coverage, you may be eligible for a lower fee. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

How much does therapy cost? What forms of payment can be used?

$125-$275 per 45-minute individual session.

$150-$300 per 1-hour couples or family session.

Session rates vary for primary therapists or associate therapists. Sliding scale fees are available on a limited basis. Accepted forms of payment are checks, credit cards, online payment services, and cash.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is a 48-hour/2 day cancellation policy, in order to cancel or reschedule appointments.  Canceling without proper notice will incur a full fee of the session.